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After India’s brutal coronavirus wave, two-thirds of population has been exposed to SARS-CoV2

A public health scholar based in New Delhi explains how India has emerged from the massive spike in COVID-19 cases, even as the country braces for a new wave.

Anand Kumar: From polio to para-sports world champ

More often than not, the road to a meaningful triumph is a bumpy one.

COVID-19 in India: an unfolding humanitarian crisis

Stories of reaching herd immunity were certainly premature.

Five ways to mitigate India’s third COVID-19 wave

India’s second wave of COVID-19 has devastated the country through a perfect storm of new variants, low vaccination uptake and a shortage of medical equipment and supplies. Here’s what we need to understand about the ongoing second wave to…

Grab, jab and release: keeping rabies off the streets of Goa

The global effort to contain COVID-19 risks disrupting campaigns against other diseases. Will the fight to control the deadly rabies virus in India be among them?

Helping children thrive through soap and vaccines

In Uttar Pradesh, India, over 1,000 children die every day from preventable diseases. Gavi’s long-standing partnership with Unilever and Lifebuoy has helped to reach 2.5 million people with essential vaccines and soap, while also leveraging the…

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India completes national introduction of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine

Over 90% of children born in India every year will have access to the vaccine thanks to the efforts of the Government of India, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance and partners, who collaborated on the nationwide introduction of PCV into the country’s…

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