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  • Gavi leverages private sector innovation, expertise and resources to modernise immunisation systems in developing countries.

  • The Zipline launch event in Rwanda, attended by President Kagame and his cabinet, UPS, Zipline and Gavi. Credit: Zipline.

    Increasing demand for new vaccines is placing ever greater pressure on immunisation delivery systems in developing countries. With new technology and approaches needed to modernise these systems, we are looking to the world’s biggest engine of innovation– private businesses and industry.

    History of private sector collaboration

    Partnership with the private sector has been integral to our model since its inception. The Vaccine Alliance was founded to address a market failure and ensure a secure supply of vaccines at affordable prices to developing countries. We continue to build on this foundation by establishing strategic partnerships with leaders in business and industry. Leveraging the private sector’s financial resources, operational expertise, thought-leadership and innovation helps the Alliance to deliver on its ambitious coverage and equity goals.

    By encouraging business to invest in immunisation, the Gavi Matching Fund has been a critical component in the expansion of our private sector engagement. Launched in 2011, the Matching Fund doubles private sector contributions in cash or in kind, which in turn doubles their impact.

    Strategic partnerships

    We work with private sector partners to develop long-term relationships and strategic giving plans. Corporations, foundations and individuals can partner with Gavi through a financial partnership, a shared value operational partnership, or a leveraged partnership that combines the two.

    Driving innovation

    Fostering innovation is core to our private sector engagement approach. INFUSE (Innovation for Uptake, Scale and Equity in Immunisation) identifies local entrepreneurs with proven, grass-roots innovations that have the potential to improve vaccine delivery in developing markets. It then connects them with Alliance partners, “infusing” their innovations with capital and expertise to help take them to scale in Gavi-supported countries. This creates a new marketplace for innovative solutions where they are needed most.

  • Financial partnerships

    Raising money and awareness for life-saving vaccines, responding to global health crises and fostering innovation and technology.

  • Leveraged partnerships

    Combining financial support with innovative campaigns that drive demand for health services in Gavi-supported countries.

  • Operational partnerships

    Providing expertise, technology and thought-leadership to address key challenges in immunisation delivery.


    Helping to improve vaccine delivery systems by connecting high-impact innovations with the countries that need them most.

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