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  • Evaluating our health system strengthening grants helps us to improve the performance of our programmes and policies and better deliver on our mission.

  • Health workers in Ghana doing immunisation outreach by boat

    Health workers in Ghana doing immunisation outreach by boat. Credit: Gavi/2014/Thomas Kelly.

    Gavi’s health system and immunisation strengthening (HSIS) support aims to help countries address geographical, socioeconomic and gender-related barriers to ensure that every child can be immunised. Health system strengthening (HSS) grants form the basis of our HSIS support, which also includes other types of support.

    Gavi has provided HSS support to eligible countries since 2007. We commission evaluations, and support evaluations commissioned by recipient countries, to inform evidence-based decisions and help evolve our HSS support.

    There are several types of HSS support evaluations:

    General HSS evaluations and meta-reviews

    In order to determine best practice, we have commissioned a variety of evaluations of our HSS grant window. We have also commissioned “meta-reviews”, which combine the results of multiple country evaluations to increase the level of learning in-country as well as across countries and regions.

    Meta-reviews of HSS evaluations

    Meta-review of HSS grants (2016–2017)

    In a bid to provide partners with an overview of new findings and trends across the HSS support window, we have updated the 2015 meta-review with six HSS evaluations undertaken in the 2016–2017 period.

    Meta-review of HSS grants (2013–2015)

    To ensure improved learning from and accountability of HSS grants, Gavi commissioned its first HSS meta-review in 2015. The review covers all 14 country HSS evaluations completed in the 2013–2015 period. Findings from the review will help inform future HSS grants as well as other types of Gavi support.

    Other health system reviews and studies


    Evaluations of individual countries’ HSS grants

    During the 2014–2016 period, Gavi-supported countries were required to include a plan for an end-of-grant evaluation in their HSS proposals. Although this is no longer a requirement, we still encourage countries to plan for periodic evaluations of their HSS support.

    Full country evaluations

    In 2013, Gavi initiated the full country evaluations project, which includes assessments of our HSS support to four countries: Bangladesh, Uganda, Mozambique and Zambia.

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