If you intend to apply for new health system strengthening (HSS) support from Gavi, you will be asked to provide a portfolio view of Gavi support for the coming three–five years. This should include requests for new vaccine and cold chain equipment support.

This is done using the new integrated application template “Programme Support Rationale (PSR)”, which is available in the documents listed below.

Application guidelines

How to request new Gavi support

Online resources

Country portal

Country portal

Partner portal

Access Gavi's online partner portal.


Accessible to everyone.

Programme-specific information

Country guidance on selecting Logistics Management Information Systems

FAQ Co-financing rules for applications in accelerated transition phase

New application independent review considerations

Guidance on gender related barriers to immunisation

Programming guidance

Tools and templates

Budgeting and planning template & User Guide

Programme Support Rationale (PSR) template

Last updated: 29 Jul 2020

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