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Eligible countries can access detailed guidelines to manage the support they receive from Gavi

Click the relevant link below to find all the documents you need to:

  • apply for a new type of Gavi support;
  • report on and renew existing support; and
  • access targeted country assistance.

The last section contains additional guidance documents organised by topic.

General guidelines

Application guidelines

Application guidelines [English]  

Directives concernant les demandes de soutien de Gavi aux pays  

Application guidelines [Russian]  

How to request new Gavi support

How to request new Gavi support [English]  

Comment demander un nouveau soutien Gavi  

How to request new Gavi support [Russian]  

Apply for vaccine support

Apply for health system strengthening support

Apply for cold chain equipment support

Report on and renew existing Gavi support

Access targeted country assistance

Additional guidance by topic

Stay tuned for the latest news and upcoming deadlines regarding Gavi’s grant management process:

Upcoming deadlines

Deadline to submit your joint appraisal for the next renewal round is 11 September 2018.

Deadline to submit your request for new support for the next application round is 10 September 2018.

Grant management news

30 November 2017
Gavi Board approves US$ 85 million funding window for 2019-2020 to support the introduction of typhoid conjugate vaccine in developing countries. Read more.

Role of expanded partners under the partners’ engagement framework: new guidance note  


Country portal

Applying for or receiving Gavi support? Visit our country portal.  


Click here to access Gavi iLearn (accessible for all country portal users).

Principles and processes of Gavi support

Short video explaining how Gavi and countries work together to achieve equitable immunisation coverage.

Partner portal

Access Gavi's online partner portal.

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