GAVI model increases vaccine manufacturers

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Emergence of new vaccine market in low-income countries, financially backed by GAVI, encourages new manufacturers

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Increasing number of GAVI suppliers based in emerging markets. Source: UNICEF Supply Division, 2010.

The steady rise in the number of vaccine manufacturers based in emerging economies since 2001 represents a tell-tale sign of GAVI's true impact on the vaccine market.

By providing significant and long-term financing for vaccines in low-income countries coupled with improved demand forecasting, GAVI has alerted manufacturers to the existence of a large and viable market for vaccines in low-income countries.

GAVI-funded vaccines

GAVI-funded vaccines now make up almost half of the total value of UNICEF's procurement.1 Overall, UNICEF buys 40% of the global volume of  vaccine doses.

As the graph shows, this trend has given producers in emerging economies confidence to strengthen their industrial capability and become credible players in the global vaccine market.2  



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2 World Health Organization, UNICEF, World Bank. State of the world's vaccines and immunization, 3rd edition. Geneva: World Health Organization. 2009.

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